Technical Aspects Related to Infrared Heaters

There are a lot of misunderstandings over the functioning for infrared heaters. For a better understanding, the working of infrared heaters is explained both in terms of practical understanding as well as technical understanding.

Technical Working of Heaters

Coil filament used in heaters is often made of tungsten or carbon or iron alloy. Light energy is transferred (or reflected towards a conducting surface) to the concerned object through a fan for convection heating. When the wavelength is closely matched towards the absorption spectrum of the concerned target, infrared heaters showcase the best efficiency possible.

Practical Working of Heaters

To explain in a layman’s language, light energy is directed towards the desired object or an area for heating. The target is heated as it absorbs the heat energy. In simpler terms, heating is done via infrared light.

Commercial Uses of Heaters

Infrared heaters are generally classified in terms of the wavelength of light that gets emitted by the concerned element.

Short wave type heaters are capable of reaching high temperatures hence they are suitable for commercial processes while long wave infrared are mostly used for residential purposes and also in small offices.

Apart from the standard uses of infrared, they are also used in

• Warehouses
• Construction sites
• Aviation hangar heating
• For drying paints
• For molding plastics
• Convection ovens
• Incubator heat lamps
• Dry saunas

Variations in Heaters

Infrared heaters utilize ceramic emitters, metal tubulars, quartz lamps and even quartz tubes for their working. Infrared heaters differ in terms of their wavelength, operating temperature, durability, efficiency and even cost

Benefits of Low Temperature Infrared Space Heaters

• They reduce the risk of accidental fires at your place.
• They help to preserve humidity which gets affected adversely due to electric heaters.
• They are devoid of harmful emission like carbon monoxide, carcinogens and other gases which are common to other type of heaters.
• They are worth every penny invested on them.
• They are easy to handle and even its maintenance is also not very complex.

All in all, they are considered the safest type of heaters and its use has seen a rise.