Infrared Heaters For Warm Winters

Infrared Heaters are gaining lot of popularity and attention due to their higher energy efficiency ratings and effectual heat distribution qualities. They are considered as perfect source for heating. These Heaters go much beyond the standard electric coil heaters which many of us may have in our homes. Most of them have the capability of heating a 1000 square foot area in approximately 10 to 15 minutes. The amount of heat produced against its normal cost of operation most often results in reduced heating costs.

Infrared Heater exudes warmth on a heated surface with a reflective shield. It remains inexpensive because it consumes lesser electricity, hence cuts down your electricity bills. A protective covering over the heating elements makes these heaters much safer to use. These heaters are available with several choices of material of the sheath. The material used as sheath in the popular infrared radiators is aluminum, brass, copper, iron, nickel, steel and stainless steel. The unit will remain only warm to the touch, even when it is operating at full capacity. This is made possible with the help of Quartz heating elements placed within the heaters. This element never reaches a temperature where ignition can occur; therefore there is no risk of catching fire even after several hours of usage. As it is a vent free unit, it does not a chimney or ventilation. Most importantly it requires low maintenance cost.

Infrared Heaters are available with two different Fuel Types:

Gas Fuel Infrared Heaters – It’s a vent-Free Gas Infrared Space Heater, having the piezo ignition system and runs on propane gas or natural gas. It has a safety pilot with an oxygen reduction sensing shutoff system which shuts off the heater automatically in absence of sufficient amount of fresh air.

Electric Infrared Heaters -This radiant Heater an eco-friendly unit consist of double safety protection and timer to make it energy efficient, which allows it to switch off automatically after preset time. This Infrared Heater utilizes infrared-halogen technology which produces heat quickly, and directly warms the person or object.

On the whole, Infrared Heaters are the great energy saving solution for your home’ heating needs. Their safety features are also what makes them so appealing to consumers. There is no need to worry about children or pets being burned by them, and there is no chance of them creating a fire.