Infrared Heaters Consumer Reports – Lifesmart Amish Infrared Heater Review

The LIFESMART Amish inspired power plus 1200 square foot 6 element infrared quartz heater boasts a top of the line design that offers more copper for greater heat transfer than any of the other leading infrared heaters. LIFESMART products are advertised as being smart for the consumer and smart for the planet.

The LIFESMART produces no emissions and is 90% efficient in the room its being used. This is compared to 60% efficiency that is produced in furnace heat by the time it reaches a room.

The LIFESMART is a portable heater and advertises to heat any area up to 1200 sq. feet (depending on how efficient the space is). The air emitted by this LIFESMART heater is evenly distributed, will not dry out, and is moved through a built-in lifetime air filter that destroys bacteria and other organisms.

The Power Plus by LIFESMART offers safe heat. It will not burn children or pets and produces no emissions. This heater has a full ETL certification for safety features. It offers a consistent heat so that the temperature remains the same, without the loss of heat, from ceiling to baseboard. It will save on the heating bill as it will use up to 1500 watts of electricity, which is about the same as a hairdryer.

The LIFESMART power plus heater gets efficiency from the six infrared quartz elements rated at 25,000 hours. There are also four copper heat exchanges, three that wrap the quartz elements and one at the exit.

The efficient and innovative design allows for the absorption of infrared energy and the production and circulation of heated and purified air back into the room. One of the most efficient heaters on the market.

It has a soft touch LED control screen to change settings or offers a remote control so that temperature and fan changes can be made across the room for added convenience. Settings can also be put on a time frame, rather than temperature, not all infrared heaters offer this function. It is a lightweight 40 lbs. and comes with EZ glide wheels for added mobility, making it one of the most portable infrared heaters you can buy.

The LIFESMART heater has a 110 volt plug & play with a 6 foot long cord for easy placement anywhere in the home.

Lifesmart Amish Features

  • The heater is rated to heat up to 1200 sq feet
  • Healthier, cleaner air: built in lifetime filter that destroys bacteria, virus, mold, mildew and other unhealthy organisms. Eliminates contamination caused by forced air heating and space heaters
  • Safe Heat: The LIFESMART infrared heater will not burn children or pets and includes several safety features.
  • Portable and easy to operate: E-Z glide wheels are included as well as a soft touch LED control. There is also a remote control to operate the unit from across the room
  • No special installation: 110 volt plug and play with a 6 foot cord

Lifesmart Amish Reviews

Overall, users really liked the performance of the LIFESMART heater. There were several comments about the ease of use and the convenient controls on the heater and the remote, including that users are able to set a temperature range and the heater will turn on when it falls within two degrees below the requested temperature.

Most consumers have mentioned that their heating bill only went up a small amount after using this infrared heater as a large source of heat in the home. A few users, who reported having small apartments, even used this heater as the only source of heat in their home. Most comments were that it heated evenly without any cold spots. Consumers also loved how quiet the unit was.

The complaints were that it did not heat up an area as large as it advertised or that users did not get the “infrared” feel from the infrared heater that they had hoped.

They seem to be a good buy for the money, overall, users like the LIFESMART.