Infrared Heater – Save on Your Energy Bill

Do you need an additional heater, to complement your central heating system? Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to turn up the temperature in the entire house so you can warm up one room you are in. It is much better to use an additional heater. Infrared heater can be of great help. Find out what are the benefits of infrared heaters comparable to other heaters.

Infrared heater efficiency

Most heaters work by warming the air in the room. People in the room are warmed by the air. Not only this wastes energy on warming up the air, but also you don’t feel the benefits of the heater as soon as it is switched on. It might take several minutes for a room to warm up. Infrared heaters work differently. They don’t heat up the air it heats objects that are directly in its path. As a result people in the area are warmed directly by the heater and not by the air.

This principle makes infrared heaters very energy efficient. Another advantage is that you don’t have to turn the heater on half an hour or hour in advance to pre-heat the room. You feel the warmth immediately.

Types of infrared heaters

Here are the most popular types of infrared heaters:

– Metal-sheathed tubular heaters

– Quartz tubes

– Quartz lamps

– Gas fired catalytic

– Flat-faced panels

– Ceramic emitters

Often people are worried that infrared heaters are not safe. There is really no need to worry. Most modern infrared heaters have a protective sheath to cover the heating elements. The cover is usually made of metal such as aluminum, brass, copper, iron or stainless steel. Blowing curtains won’t become a fire hazard with an infrared heater. Most home models are pretty safe, but of course children shouldn’t be allowed to play with the heating unit.

Another advantage is that infrared heater doesn’t make the air in the room dry. The principle of its work is very similar to the way sun warms us on a bright day.

You can find indoor infrared heaters as well as outdoor and patio heaters. The source of fuel can be different, infrared heater can run off electricity, natural gas or propane.

More tips for efficient heating

Using an additional infrared heater can save you a great deal on your energy bill. But there is more you can do. First, check for drafts and boost the insulation. At the beginning of winter, make sure that window caulking and storm windows are in good shape. You should also check thermostats and install timers for your central heating.