Infrared Heater Information

Infrared Heaters have recently been growing in popularity and are gaining attention because of their high energy efficiency ratings and effective heat distribution qualities. Infrared Heaters far surpass the standard electric coil heaters many of us may have in our homes, and make a great energy saving solution for home heating needs.

Infrared Heaters heat areas much more effectively than standard electric heaters. Most standard units provide uneven heat, and only warm the areas directly in front of them. This allows most of the heat they produce to rise to the ceiling where it becomes wasted. Infrared Heaters though, warm the entire area from the floor to the ceiling. They are able to do this because they transfer their heat via electromagnetic waves, much like the Sun transfers its heat to the Earth. All of the heat energy the Infrared Heater emits is absorbed by the materials around it, which in turn begin to emit their own forms of Infrared Heat. This process of heat distribution is what makes it possible for Infrared Heaters to be so energy efficient. Most Infrared Heaters are capable of heating a 1000 square foot area in approximately 10 to 15 minutes. The amount of heat they produce versus their typically low cost of operation is what can often result in lowered heating costs.

Infrared Heaters are also very safe. Even when operating at full capacity the unit itself will only be warm to the touch. You’ll find that your pets will actually be drawn to the warm, comforting heat that the unit creates. This is made possible by the Quartz heating elements located inside the Infrared Heating units. These heating elements will never reach a temperature where combustion could occur, so the threat of them creating a fire after many hours of use is non-existent.

A lowered heating bill is another result often experienced when an Infrared Heater is operating in your home. This occurs because often times your home’s thermostat can be set 3-5 degrees lower than normal when an Infrared Heater is running. The Infrared Heater consumes much less energy than a standard electric furnace, and provides heat where you need it. This is what makes it possible for the Infrared Heater to practically pay for itself in heating cost savings.

Overall, Infrared Heaters make a great energy saving solution for your home’s heating needs. They provide warm, comfortable heat while also saving you money because of their high energy efficiency ratings. Their safety features are also what makes them so appealing to consumers. There is no need to worry about children or pets being burned by them, and there is no chance of them creating a fire. There are many available options in Infrared Heaters, and it is important to make an informed decision if you are planning on purchasing one. Keeping these facts in mind is a great starting point on your journey in Infrared Heating.