Infrared Heaters Reviews – EdenPURE GEN3 Model 1000 Quartz Infrared Heater

The GEN3 Model 1000 is EdenPURE GEN3’s all-time best selling portable heater. It advertises as being the workhorse of the EdenPURE line and combines portability, safety, savings, and efficient heating for the user.

The EdenPURE GEN3 portable heater boasts that it will save customers money within weeks of the first use and a lot of money after that. It includes original copper heating chambers and six infrared bulbs. It has galvanized steel inside.

The GEN3 heater uses three unique and patented copper heat exchanges and six commercial infrared quartz tubes to offer the best heating source possible. Once an EdenPURE GEN3 absorbs infrared heat, it sends the heat into the air by the humidity in the room. This ensures that heat travels with speed and consistency. The heat is guaranteed to go where the humidity goes.

The EdenPURE GEN3 is safe for children and pets, as the cabinet stays cool to the touch and does not have any exposed heating elements. It will not reduce humidity or oxygen in the home.

The EdenPURE GEN3 comes in a color of black with buried wood accents and will heat a room up to 1,000 square feet. It has a flat front panel of push button controls, and IR remote control, an electronic thermostat that ranges from 60 to 86 degrees, and durable castor wheels for added mobility.

It also offers a lifetime filter that can be cleaned and a three (3) year manufacturer warranty.

EdenPURE GEN3 Model 1000 Quartz Infrared Heater Features

  • EdenPURE GEN3 quartz infrared element portable heater
  • This patented heat exchange design & soft, even heat
  • The six quartz infrared heating elements creates heat that does not reduce humidity or oxygen in the room
  • The heat-generating quartz infrared elements never get to a temperature that can ignite a fire
  • Portable heaters are a major cause of fire in residential homes in the US every winter

EdenPURE GEN3 Model 1000 Quartz Infrared Heaters Reviews

There are a lot of reviews for the heater that boasts being the best-selling portable heater in the EdenPURE line and almost all of those reviews are negative.

Users expressed that the heater, overall, does not work as advertised. It has problems in low-humidity areas because the heater works by distributing the heat with the humidity. Also, many customers expressed that the heater does not heat the room properly. It is a general consensus that the GEN3 heater only heats up a few degrees overall after several hours of use.

Many consumers used their GEN3 EdenPURE model and, after a month of use, received a bill and was overwhelmed at the costs it added to their heating bill. Others said it is extremely expensive to run.

It is described as loud and the thermostat as being unreliable. The remote control is a good feature and most of the positive comments came from it. There are a few sporadic users that feel as like they got what they paid for, but most feel they paid too much for the quality they received.

If you are looking for a decent infrared heater, all the other infrared heaters reviewed on this site perform well and have lots of positive feedback. You won’t go wrong with something along the lines of, The Dr Heater Quartz Infrared Heater.

Infrared Heaters Review

Long wave infrared heating is also an electric heating elements. The principle of its work seriously deviates from the others. During its work, there is an emission of thermal energy due to the emanation infrared electromagnetic waves. So first it heats the objects on which it is directed (floor, furniture, walls). The air warms in the premise of their hand. In such a system degrees, the soil is always slightly warmer air. Another advantage is that all surfaces in the area of heat infrared radiant heating. The area of their heat emission is much greater, then the body of the oil cooler or coil. Thus, the working time decreases water heater, which obviously affects the energy consumption. Therefore, infrared heaters are most economical.

Infrared heaters are made of square panels that are mounted in the ceiling with a help of special equipment. Each model has its own power and is calculated for premises with a minimum ceiling height required. The heat of infrared heating comes across any surface on which it is directed, it is recommended to mount some distance from the head person. The infrared heating 800Wt must be mounted on the minimum distance of 0.7 meters, which is enough for a physical life. Heater 2-4kWt should be mounted on the distance of 1.5-2.5 meters. Of course, these heaters can be used in large workshops and other industrial buildings. With the aid of infrared heating, you can create heat in your workplace in the office or on the sofa where you like to relax, without heating the same basis.

New technologies in the production of infrared heaters use elements carbon (carbon) in heating elements. The advantage of carbon infrared heaters is their economy, which is acquired as a result of rapid system start working.

Infrared heaters are more expensive. Minimum power panel heating is 300-600Wt, but it is not sufficient to heat the premise, you’ll need to buy parts of some.

Selecting a heater define what the objectives are to serve. If you want to warm your feet under the table, then you will need heater fan. This area is inaccessible to the infrared heaters. When the heater fan same time drying the air and disperse the dust, unlike infrared heating can sometimes substitute the word “hot” system. If the heater should quickly heat the whole flat, you can think of oil coolers. But Electroconvector are safer, although slightly more expensive. They can be mounted under the window because of the rules of heating.

Infrared Sauna Heaters – Questions to Ask Before Purchasing an Infrared Sauna Or Infrared Heater Kit

If your looking to purchase an infrared sauna, the most important thing consider is the type of infrared heating technology that is being utilized.There are many infrared saunas on the market, but if it does not have good heating technology, why own one. The reason for using an infrared sauna is for the health benefits. This is why you want to find a company that offers an infrared sauna that has superior heating technology, and understands the importance of the positioning of the infrared heaters as well.

Below is a quick checklist of questions to ask before considering to purchase an infrared sauna. If they do not fit between these guidelines, then I would think twice about buying one.

What is the surface temperature of the infrared heaters?

Finding out the surface temperature of the infrared heater is one of the most important questions to ask before buying an infrared sauna. This is important because the size of the infrared wavelength is determined by the surface temperature of the infrared heater. It is scientifically proven that the lower the surface temperature of the infrared heater, the longer the infrared wavelength will be, and the higher the surface temperature the shorter the wavelength.

What kind of heating element is used to heat the sauna? Is it carbon or ceramic?

The two main types of heating elements that are used in infrared saunas today are carbon and ceramic. To get the most out of your sauna, it is very important that the infrared heat is directed where it is needed most, the core of the body. Many of the traditional carbon heaters produce high quality infrared heat, however they do not produce a lot of it. It is also not directed on the body, but rather the sauna cabin itself. These heaters do work well in lay down units or where the infrared heat is a few inches from the body, but not in a large sauna cabin. It is very important that the heaters are made and positioned properly to heat the core of the body and not just the air around you as infrared energy heats the body directly…not through the air. On the other hand, ceramic infrared heaters produce quality infrared heat and a lot of it. However, since the surface temperature is higher, the length of the infrared wave is shorter and not as therapeutic. The best thing would be to find a infrared heater that offers both carbon and ceramic heating elements.

Does the infrared sauna offer infrared heaters that are positioned in the front and back of the body?

It is very important to find an infrared sauna that offers both back and front heaters. The main key to effective detoxification is heating your body and most importantly raising your core body temperature. Your bodies core houses your cardiovascular, immune, and lymphatic systems, all playing an important role in infrared therapy. Many of the infrared saunas on the market today only offer only back heaters. While this does heat the bodies core, it is not as beneficial as having heaters positioned properly in the front core and the back of the body. Having infrared sauna heaters in the front and back will help you get the most out of your infrared sauna.

Does the infrared sauna use reflected heat?

There are many sauna heaters on the market that are thin and made with a single rod with a reflector behind it. When compared to a large panel far infrared heater, the single rod often produces lower quality far infrared heat for a couple reasons.

1. The single rod must run at a higher surface temperature just to produce sufficient heat to warm the sauna cabin. Now remember, the higher the surface temperature the less effective the infrared heat will be.

2. Since these infrared heaters have a small surface area, they usually have a metal reflector behind them. It is scientifically known that if a wave passes from one medium to another, the wave changes. This means that the infrared heat that is reflected will be diluted.

So when your looking for an infrared sauna, make sure that it does not use a reflector.

Does the manufacturer offer a lifetime warranty?

Make sure that you ask about the warranty and how long the infrared heaters will be covered under warranty. You may come across manufacturers that say their sauna has a lifetime warranty, but later find out that the infrared heaters are not included in the lifetime warranty. There are companies that offer a complete lifetime warranty, meaning that they cover all parts of the sauna: wood, heaters, electrical, controls, etc…this is a good way to determine the quality of the sauna, as the company will only want to warranty a good product.